Dew Drop Inn No More

One of Scottsville’s most notable attractions and a former favorite eatery is no more. Made famous through the television show “The Waltons”, the Dew Drop Inn aka the Pig and Steak Too, has itself become a footnote in the historical annuals of Scottsville. Sold recently at a foreclosure sale after having been closed for several months, the new owner has striped the former restaurant back to the bar bones of the building itself and has no plans to put a restaurant back. Instead the building, built circa 1840, may house office or retail space with living quarters upstairs.

The very first Dew Drop sign, a green neon lighted sign, that had laid undisturbed for years in the attic of the building was sold back in December on eBay. While one bidder had hoped to keep the sign in Scottsville, he was outbid at the last moment and as a result the sign instead traveled to Nelson County as the property of the Walton’s Mountain Country Store.

Even though it was the second oldest business establishment in down town Scottsvlle, the early history of the Dew Drop is unknown at least to this author. Does it in fact date back to the time of Earl Hamner’s youth? Was in always in the same location? Who ran it before the Lohr’s purchased it? Are there any other artifacts from a younger Dew Drop? If any one can shed any information on the history of one of Scottsville’ most notable eateries, please share it in a comment posting.


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